Māui Hangarau – Māui the creative one

Innovation is ingrained in our DNA.

We need look no further than the greatest innovator of them all: Māui, the miracle last born son of Taranga, is the most famous of all Polynesian Demi-gods. Supposedly still-born Māui survived and flourished and possessed magical powers. Strong in will, creative, and forward thinking, Māui was a trailblazer whose deeds included super human feats. From these grew the legend, and he gained many epithets, one of them being ‘Māui Hangarau’ – Māui the creative one.

Today, Hangarau is the term we use for new technologies and creative thinking, and we owe this to our wiley, cheeky, and clever ancestor.

Ko Māui Hangarau proudly derives its name from the explanation outlined above.

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